Push Mowers

Getting The Lawn Mowed with a Push Mower

push lawn mowersIf you own a house, you probably also own a yard and more than likely you have grass that needs to be mowed each week, perhaps even twice a week. Making sure that the lawn is mowed is an important part to having your house look nice. There are many lawn mowers that you might be able to choose from when you are deciding which lawn mower to purchase for your yard. One of those choices is push mowers, which are a good option for many reasons.

Reel Mower

A reel mower is one type of push mower that could be a good choice for a homeowner to purchase for their yard. There is no engine in a reel mower, which results in no emissions coming from the mower and polluting the air. There isnít typically much maintenance that needs to happen with a reel mower because they do not have mechanical parts that could break easily. With knife blades that pass by each other as the reel rotates, the grass is sheared off the top, leaving the lawn looking sharp. These are particularly nice push mowers for smaller yards that are even all across.

Rotary Mower

A rotary mower might be what many homeowners have today. While reel mowers are still used, rotary mowers are gaining in popularity because of their ease of use as well. There is a spinning blade on the underneath of a rotary push mower that is run by an engine. The engine could be powered by electricity. It could also run off of gas or a battery. With these choices, you might want to think of what would be the best method of fuel for your situation. There are typically settings on a rotary mower so that the grass is cut evenly and at a desired length. Some people might like their grass to be very short, while other might like it a little longer so that it feels more plush. Some rotary mowers come with a bag that can be attached so that the grass clippings are collected as it mows. Some people prefer this, and other might like the grass to just shoot out and create mulch for the lawn.

Purchasing A Push Mower

Knowing about the different features of rotary and reel mowers might help you in your decision of which lawn mower to purchase. There are different functions, different features, different fuel types, and different levels of ease when it comes to these mowers. These are all things that you might want to consider when deciding on a lawn mower. Price and availability might also be something that you consider when you purchase your new lawn mower. Give a chance and you might like using a push mower.


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